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Too long

It’s been too long from my last posting, but it’s really been hectic. I’m still knee deep in audio post, but the light glimmers at the end of the tunnel…

Quick update:

Liquid Wolf 2 – song frames done, 85% rhythm guitars done. Bass sessions imminent.
Flipside –  2nd ep mastered, waiting for layout of the cover
SStB – ready, waiting for me….

Stay tuned!


Been running for the last few months and will continue up until xmas at least. Been really busy mixing all kinds of movies and doing some editing. Luckily I managed to escape to Berlin for a few days with the missus, what a huge place! Saw Tycho at C-Club. I’ve stolen every bit of available time and made progress with Liquid Wolf 2, Chapter One : Two and SStB are on hold, but will emerge one day :-).

And now back to editing/mixing/whatnot…


The new me

Well, sorta….I’m rethinking and focusing my web presence. All the sites pertaining to me ie. and .com,, and this one are being moved under one roof. Stay tuned…