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Merry xmas to ye all! No snow in sight, christmas spirit is also in short supply.

But it’s nice to sit back and just be for a while. It’s the time for reflection, so I’ll make a few posts of my own doings the past year and maybe also some kind of best of 2013….?

Kudos Live reviewed

Says Juha Seitz in Ilkka and Pohjalainen:

Kudos: Live at Rekolan Kino (Samsara).

On hämmentävää, kuinka runsaasti Suomessa toimii laadukkaita kokeellisen musiikin yhtyeitä. Live at Rekolan Kino esittelee konserttiolosuhteissa Kudos-kokoonpanon viriiliä, hivenen pekkapohjolamaista fuusiojazz- ja progehyrräämistä. Virtuoosimaisista instrumentaaleista Time Flies sekä Mistaken Landscape pyörittävät tajuntaa vimmaiseen tapaan. ****

“It’s baffling, how many quality progressive bands there are in Finland. Live at Rekolan Kino presents a live rendition of virile fusion jazz and progressive rock playing in a style bit reminiscent of Pekka Pohjola. Out of the virtuosic instrumentals Time Flies and Mistaken Landscape roll the consciousness in a frenzied manner. ****”

Kudos: Live at Rekolan Kino released

The CD was released yesterday as well as the digital counterparts to Spotify, iTunes et al. This is the first of Samsara Recordings. Next up is the 30th anniversary of Chapter One’s first album, which was never released then but now it will (17.1.2014).
Kudos Live iTunes:


Kudos – Live at Rekolan Kino


Samsara Recordings

As a companion project to this blog/site, I’m planning to release (as I might have mentioned earlier) some of my earlier endeavors as a series of CD’s. The moniker for the series is “Samsara Recordings”.
The recordings are old, unreleased studio and live recordings from my various groups spanning the last 30 years ;-).
We had a pow wow with Matti from Moose, who is taking care of the promotional etc activities (www.running We nailed the schedule for the first 5 releases.
The first one is the “Live at Rekolan Kino” by Kudos. It will be out 25.10.2013. Chapter One will be next (Hi Karsta!) at the start of 2014.

Stay tuned…

SSTB 2, Ilosaari

The traditional Ilosaari weekend came by, I jumped onboard the train bound for Joensuu and met with Teijo there. We spent the Sunday checking out Wintersun, Squarepusher, Michael Monroe (nice one! The guy sings better than ever!), Mustach and Sigur Rós (they were truly great, the sound & the lights created an almost holy experience). Monday, tuesday and part of wednesday were spent playing and recording more SSTB. This time we managed to record basses for all 11 songs, the most needed keyboards (mainly organ, some electric piano), some Jazzmaster thru Vox guitars and a few tambourines. During the preparations for this weekend, I went through the drums/guitars recorded during the previous session. I selected the right takes, did some editing and made new guitar recordings. I really enjoyed fiddling around my amp arsenal. I managed to use almost all the amps and most of the guitars, but mainly the Strat and PRS. I also managed to arrange the somewhat difficult Futile, so we had all of the songs “online” once again.

The amps
The amps
Some guitars
Some guitars






















As I jumped to the train bound for home wednesday afternoon, I had basically all the stuff needed for all of the songs. So next up on the agenda would be the “fun” part: singing…