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Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been flooded with work…Did the “Anna mulle Lovee”, mixed “Järven Tarina”, “Onnenonkija” and some other movies, did a mix of “Black Widows” (Scandinavian remake, 8 episodes) and some episodes of “Bordertown” etc etc. Luckily I’ve managed to squeeze time for Liquid Wolf (Drums with Kuoppis = done, brass with Pepa = almost done) and my newest pet project, Inertia. Inertia is old friends Tipi (FlipSide) on bass, Tomi “Laatu” Laaksonen (Kataya Live, KuDos) on drums and my fellow sound designer/musician Janne Laine on guitar. I’m doing some gtrs, keys and lead vocals. We’ve managed to whip 5-6 songs into shape and it’s been a hoot! Hope to have some recordings soon…Will start mixing LW with Samu this month, I hope!

Take care!

Pepa making notes
Pepa making notes


We had our first rehearsals tackling Pink Floyd: Time/Breathe and Yes: Into the Lens. As You can imagine Time was easy-ish, but Yes is a mountain. We managed it about halfway through. Fun!

Progsters is a bunch of friends having a good time:

Tomi Laaksonen: Drums • Olli Huhtanen: Keys, vox • Janne Laine: Gtr, keys • Timo Pulkkinen: Bass, vox • Sami Sarhamaa: Gtr, keys, vox

Kudos: Live at Rekolan Kino released

The CD was released yesterday as well as the digital counterparts to Spotify, iTunes et al. This is the first of Samsara Recordings. Next up is the 30th anniversary of Chapter One’s first album, which was never released then but now it will (17.1.2014).
Kudos Live iTunes:


Kudos – Live at Rekolan Kino