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TWO is out!

Yes, ’tis the season. This one has been in the making for a looooong time. First sessions were in 1984, the last ones 2021. So, it’s the second album of Chapter One, the important band of my youth. We were active from 1983 to 1985, did quite a few gigs and had a great time learning our skills. I decided to produce some songs of ours that didn’t get recorded back then. Hannu graciously agreed and we started in 2015. The project, after a good start, took a long pause. In 2019 it was time to continue. Besides Hannu also Jouni and Jukka participated and we managed to get four songs done. This would not have been possible without the priceless help of my “secret” ace in the hole, Teijo Tikkanen, who played drums and piano on the new songs. The last link in the chain was Riikka Muikku who designed and executed the beautiful artwork of the sleeve. We also gathered all the relevant info to a new website, aptly named So I hope You enjoy it!

Aerials is out!

Yes, the digital version was released last friday ie. 14012022. Woohoo!
The double vinyl should arrive within a month. The track listing is:

No Still Moment
Like Blood
Safe and Sound

Here’s Spotify:

AERIALS on Spotify

On the vinyl edition song order is different due to the limitations of time/side. SO:

A: Bates – Assimilate – Moodswings – Itinerant
B: Like Blood – Elephant – Youth
C: Kibitzer – Safe and Sound – No Still Moment
D: Percolator – Premonition (vinyl bonus)

The crew is the same as it has been, Olli on vocals and keys, Sami on vocals, guitar and bass plus our fixed guests Miri Miettinen on drums and Ella Eriksson on backing vocals.

Chapter One: Two – looming

It’s been severely delayed but we’re still moving. As You may recall, the plan was to (re)do 4 of the old songs, Behind the gaze, Beyond the vision, Just another role and Wings of amor.

Well, we are – The original plan was just to do them as they were. It quickly became apparent that it was not such a good idea. Let sleeping dogs lie…,-).

The only plan that made real sense was to redo everything, starting from the arrangements. Sami did just that. The songs in effect became different songs. So the lyrics needed to be redone, not all together but some of the fiery youthfulness (i.e.. naiveté) needed to be weeded out. Sami and Hannu did that. As years had taken some toll of Hannu’s higher vocal register, the melodies needed to be adjusted. Hannu did that.

We’re now halfway there; Behind the gaze and Beyond the vision are done. So 2 more to go. Hopefully we get them done soon. As the songs progress, I wanted to change a few things still. The new songs will be under “Chapter Two” moniker ;-). And there will be some guests appearing who were not in the original line-up(s). The first one being Teijo Tikkanen, who will be playing piano on “Behind the gaze” at least. Some talk of female backing vocals has also been in the air.

So here we go!









Chapter One: Two

The second Chapter One -release is approaching fast. This is a MkII release, so Pekka Viherlaakso and Jouni Ullakko appear only on few tracks, they were replaced by Mikko Terhiä and Jyrki Rahkonen respectively. The song list appears to be:

Chapter One
Waiting for a moon
Sliding away
Another way

Just another role
Wings of amor
Beyond the vision
Behind the gaze

The last four were not properly recorded then, so we’ve made some plans to do them now. Nothing solid yet, but stay tuned…

This also means that the projected release date of mid August will need to be adjusted accordingly.

It is what it is

I’ve mixed/premixed all SSTB songs, Samu should rake thru them once more and we’re done….


Did some preliminary cover artism and bio writing as well. Seems to be an August release.

Here’s an exerpt: “The working title was “ Samsara sings the blues”, with tongue firmly in cheek. My tastes are quite varied but blues or jazz…no, sorry, I just can’t see the point. But actually, the songs are kind of…well, not blues but undoubtedly rock that knows it’s bluesy roots. As we say in finnish: “jäljet johtavat sylttytehtaalle”. ”

And here’s the first demo of the cover:


SSTB, Alphas. Session # X

We convened once again with Teijo for a few days of music & mayhem. We (hopefully) finalized the Alpha Indigo CD mixes, Teijo had fixed some guitar and vocal parts and the band had made some notes. 13 songs in the can, whoa!

On the second day the plan was to go through the SSTB songs and do backing vocals etc. We managed to go through 8 songs doing keys, acoustic guitars, percussion and backing vocals…So 3 songs were left for the next time. It should be about a month from now, then we’re planning to master the Alpha Indigo CD and go through the rest of the SSTB songs, probably doing some vocals as well…

Good going!

Teijo, ready to roll
Teijo, ready to roll

SSTB 2, Ilosaari

The traditional Ilosaari weekend came by, I jumped onboard the train bound for Joensuu and met with Teijo there. We spent the Sunday checking out Wintersun, Squarepusher, Michael Monroe (nice one! The guy sings better than ever!), Mustach and Sigur Rós (they were truly great, the sound & the lights created an almost holy experience). Monday, tuesday and part of wednesday were spent playing and recording more SSTB. This time we managed to record basses for all 11 songs, the most needed keyboards (mainly organ, some electric piano), some Jazzmaster thru Vox guitars and a few tambourines. During the preparations for this weekend, I went through the drums/guitars recorded during the previous session. I selected the right takes, did some editing and made new guitar recordings. I really enjoyed fiddling around my amp arsenal. I managed to use almost all the amps and most of the guitars, but mainly the Strat and PRS. I also managed to arrange the somewhat difficult Futile, so we had all of the songs “online” once again.

The amps
The amps

Some guitars
Some guitars























As I jumped to the train bound for home wednesday afternoon, I had basically all the stuff needed for all of the songs. So next up on the agenda would be the “fun” part: singing…