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So far…

Hi there!
Here’s an update of current status (as of today):
– All menus I can think of are made, all have some info. Did I miss something relevant?
– Waiting for pictures of Red, Jone, Caramba (Got some from Jaakko and Tomi, great!). Hoping for pictures of PMF, Uima-allas & Epitaph/Sibbe, quite skeptic though. Audio from PMF would be a real treat.
– Music all transfered from analog & digital sources, roughly 16 hours.
– Mastered audio for Basement Boys/Nameless, Caramba, Leroy, Epitaph and Sibbe. Chapter One partly done. Spotify selections here & there
– Uploaded all Kataya making of videos (1 x Canto Obscura, 3 x Voyager, 1 x Tilburg). Will do excerpts from Liberte (release of Canto Obscura) and Belly (release of Voyager). Will upload KuDoS “From the Ground Up” and excerpts of Live @ Rekolan Kino. Found a video of Chapter One from Tavastia. Will include parts of it.

Next on the agenda: mastering Jone and Red. Plenty of material from both, not all so flattering…
More text where needed. Individual headers for the bands (see PS. Onni)
Will go public with this only when it’s quite done, let’s say 85%.

The Agenda

is as follows: I’m going to document and gather all relevant data from my careers as a music person and as an audio post person. This includes material that can be heard and/or seen from most of the projects I’ve involved myself in. I will focus mainly on the less documented material, so there might be a few excerpts from the movies and commercials I’ve worked on but not too many, those can be found elsewhere. So far I’ve managed to make the first versions of music and audio post CV’s (see the menus above). The plan is to locate and transfer, clean up & fix material from the bands etc I’ve played in be it music or making of’s or…and present them to You for your pleasure 😉

PS. If You have any pertinent material at your possession, please let me know…

Trying to make sense…

Hi! I’m starting this blog to try to make sense of my varied interests. At the moment, I’m pretty deep in FlipSide, my newest band with Tipi Pulkkinen and Ari Hujanen, my old mates from the 80’s. But before I delve into FlipSide, let me shed some light into my past….