Monthly Archives: April 2013


• Went to Nurmes, recorded 18 Alpha Indigo songs in 2 days. Lugged my pre’s and mics and cables and…Boy was that a heavy load ;-). We took one day for the forthcoming SSTB (“Samsara sings the blues”) project as well and prepared demos for the songs (11 songs, ac gtr, el pno + voc). Planned to record the backing tracks just by the two of us.
• Finalized the longest-in-the-making Walo’s CD with Speedy Saarinen. We took a few days and went through the songs and fine tuned them.
• Spent a few days with Teijo and Riikka (Alpha Indigo) doing vocals for their CD, did all 18 songs in 2 days…;-). + 1, Walking Wounded as an unplugged version. Few tough but satisfactory days there. Next I’ll edit the vocals and Teijo will do some guitar fixes. After percussions and backing vocals we should be ready for mixing…


Trails of mist

The second Sam Marsala CD, Trails of Mist was delivered to my door step yesterday…It sounds and looks beautiful. Here’s what Sam has to say about it:

” This second outing is somewhat different from ‘Scapes & Tracks, which was basically quite a normal collection of songs. This time the journey began with discussions with Tiina, who does reiki healing among her other activities. She wasn’t too happy with the music available. This got us thinking…So, we’ve gone and made one really long centerpiece called “Trails of mist” that curls and twists around and takes us to a journey to the inner realms of Marsalaland. The two other songs embrace it from both sides easing You into the flow.

These songs give You time; time to ponder, to relax and slow down. Or You can do the dishes to them if You will…”

Tiina kicked me into gear and Jani helped once again with the cover art. Thanks!

The CD is available from Tiina’s webshop @ Digital version can be found from iTunes, Spotify etc.