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Peter Gabriel @ Hartwall Arena

Front to Back tour reached Helsinki a few days back. The gig was quite enjoyable with a few truly uplifting moments. My personal favourites were Family Snapshot, Family & Fishing Net + the new song Why Don’t You Show Yourself?

The So stuff felt a bit stale for the most part, but that’s probably just me…

The warmth and humanity of the guy(s) is truly heart warming


It is what it is

I’ve mixed/premixed all SSTB songs, Samu should rake thru them once more and we’re done….


Did some preliminary cover artism and bio writing as well. Seems to be an August release.

Here’s an exerpt: “The working title was “ Samsara sings the blues”, with tongue firmly in cheek. My tastes are quite varied but blues or jazz…no, sorry, I just can’t see the point. But actually, the songs are kind of…well, not blues but undoubtedly rock that knows it’s bluesy roots. As we say in finnish: “jäljet johtavat sylttytehtaalle”. ”

And here’s the first demo of the cover:



Went to see NIN at Hartwall Arena a few days back. It would have been a much nicer experience had the volume been on a tolerable level. I stood by the mixer and was amazed at the volume these guys work day in, day out. No distortion or anything but the sheer volume forced me to quit after an hour…Teijo came by to see them as well and gave me a nice Alpha Indigo T.