Monthly Archives: July 2023

Summer is…

an active time, at least for me. I don’t have the nerve to just sit around for more than few days. So I’ve managed to finalise the SStB’s “Little Things”, it will be released late August. First serving will be single “Withering”, due 4th of August. Here’s the cover:

I’m mighty pleased with the album. It feels new and fresh compared to the earlier SStB releases, not to belittle them in any way. Aki Sihvonen, my co-producer lent an invaluable hand in weeding out the right material from my demos and giving sound advice when ever needed. More on this closer to the release, basic SStB info can of course be found here.

Lighthouse Sparrows new EP or some such is moving along nicely as well. We have 8 songs in pretty good shape. We’ve managed to hack the arrangements and most of melodies/lyrics into good shape and Miri has this time around played demo drums for most of the songs which of course helps a lot. During these last weeks we’ve gone thru the songs a second time and should be ready to start recording (as much as is needed) properly during July. We’re planning to release one EP of probably 4 songs late spring/early winter and either compose/arrange etc more songs for a full lenght album or keep releasing EP’s, we’ll see.