Aerials is out!

Yes, the digital version was released last friday ie. 14012022. Woohoo!
The double vinyl should arrive within a month. The track listing is:

No Still Moment
Like Blood
Safe and Sound

Here’s Spotify:

AERIALS on Spotify

On the vinyl edition song order is different due to the limitations of time/side. SO:

A: Bates – Assimilate – Moodswings – Itinerant
B: Like Blood – Elephant – Youth
C: Kibitzer – Safe and Sound – No Still Moment
D: Percolator – Premonition (vinyl bonus)

The crew is the same as it has been, Olli on vocals and keys, Sami on vocals, guitar and bass plus our fixed guests Miri Miettinen on drums and Ella Eriksson on backing vocals.

2 thoughts on “Aerials is out!

  1. Damn good album Sami. So glad to hear the final version. Such crunchy riffs! You and Ollie have kicked major ass on this. Thought you blew your wad on Liquid Wolf but you had plenty in reserve.

  2. Hey Bill! Thanks for the kind words and continued support! Much appreciated! You just wait for the next one 😀

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