8 thoughts on “Chapter One: One hits the stores

      1. I reclaimed and they told they got it yesterday. They promised to compensate the delivery cost. I had to ask for compensation though.

      1. Yea man. Awesome. But I kinda miss “Another role”. How come it’s not there? I remember Jouni recorded it later on in Finnish and “corners straightened”, but anyway.

  1. Simple, it was never properly recorded. Yes, we did it in Jone as “Askel Tyhjyyteen” (that will probably appear here someday). There are 3-4 songs that sort of fell thru the cracks, I only have quite ragged live versions of them. Those, I’m afraid, are not going to be released. Chapter One: Two will be out in August, so there will be more stuff…

    1. Right. But your live sets were very good. I wouldn’t mind sound quality that much. I understand not releasing as an album, but I would love to have all the stuff you might have regardless of the quality. Like I had the YLE/Pormestart gig on C-cassette, but have lost it, which sucks big time.

      Looking forward to “Two”!

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