The fresh look, with familiar players. 2012 ->2014


Tipi Pulkkinen: Bass, vocals
Sami Sarhamaa: Guitar, keys, bg vocals


Pauli Päiviö: Keyboards
Ari Hujanen: Drums


FlipSide continues on the path KuDoS paved with the exception of Tipi (and myself) singing. The music is still prog-ish with instrumental passages but Tipi makes it easier for people to get inside the music with his voice. Jaakko was to be the other guitarist for this group as well, but he had personal reasons for stepping off. The trio format gives everyone of us more freedom but also more responsibility. Of course we’ve embraced modern technology and are using additional tracks. Pauli comes every once in a while and makes keyboard tracks with me which are transferred to Pro Tools and are used to embellish our playing. As of July 2012 we’ve managed to get 4-5 songs into shape and are quite anxious to start recording them properly. The FlipSide sound is probably tad heavier than KuDoS…

We started recording the songs and managed to make quite decent renderings of them by the late 2012/early 2013. Ari decided to leave in April 2013. Sami & Tipi decided to see how would a duo work. It does! 3 new songs have been done by November 2013 and the 4 first songs have been remixed by Samu Wuori and Sami. We’re planning to release them soon.

The ep is ready, mixed (Sami & Samu @ PStudio), mastered (Pauli @ Finnvox) and delivered to web shops. We are still undecided, but will probably release a very limited CD run as well. Enjoy!


The teaser video looks like this:

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