Sam Marsala

My ambient alias. To my dismay, there are real persons with this name ;.).
Released “Scapes & Tracks” in 2009 and “Trails of Mist” in 2013.


The spiritual descendant of Samsara’s Revenge, my first solo effort. After the multitrack files of Revenge were destroyed in the fire that burned down my sister’s house (where my “B studio” was located), I had plans to remake the songs. That didn’t pan out as I got into making Kataya’s “Canto Obscura”. After said project was finalized, we bandied with an idea of a commercial online song library. We (as in Kataya) each made some demos and looked around for a proper IT solution. That dried up, but my demos refused to lie down. So I decided to refine them and asked Teijo to be my producer. Scapes & Tracks may also be seen as a sort of pre-Voyager think tank. This was truly the project where I let go of myself. I stopped second guessing and just went with the flow for real. It should be called ambient, but of course it’s quite varied as there are live drums and distorted guitars. The main point was to keep things simple and spacious. I’m very satisfied with the result. This was also the first of my own projects that was made in the new studio (My sister’s house was rebuilt and the new studio is precisely where the old one was). Also a true solo record as I did everything by myself (under the watchful eye of Teijo, of course).

The second release ” Trails of Mist” is quite different from S&T. The basic idea was to make a nice ambient soundtrack for my friend Tiina’s reiki healing sessions. The music usually used in those sessions is the normal new agey mosh which I dislike intensely. Hopefully Trails is more…At least as I’m listening to it while writing this, it feels fresh. It’s sort of a journey…

And once again I am humbly grateful for the guys at
Retrokki ( for these kind words, both releases get their share:

Retrokki kuuntelee: Sam Marsala ”Trails of Mist”, 2013

Scapes and Tracks
Trails of Mist

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