Samsara / Samsara’s Revenge/SSTB

My basic solo alias. I’m using it here in a double purpose; as an alias for my soundtrack work for Tomas, Yöjuna and Bonk – the Cosmic Sucker + as the artist in between ambient works of Sam Marsala and heavier stuff of Liquid Wolf. The 2014 SSTB release “Blacks & Blues” marked the consolidation of this alias.
Samsara’s Revenge was going to be my first solo effort after PS. and before Kataya. As our house (and my sister’s house) burned down in 2006, the sessions for the S/R release were destroyed as well. I still have the demo bounces of the material and some of it will be presented here, I’m also including my earlier, instrumental output.

[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=artwork&color=f71161″ width=”220″ height=”220″ iframe=”false” /]

I’ve begun to prepare for the first Samsara release, working title being “Samsara sings the blues”. Me and Mr T and friends. “Rootsy” (as much blues or roots as I can deliver…:-)), my vocal debut.

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