Perfect Sound Studio

This is the umpteenth version of my eternal quest for the perfect environment to work and play. A two room facility with Pro Tools|HDX, D-Control (“Icon”), 5.1 monitoring etc etc. See complete listing below. In this studio Scapes & Tracks, Voyager, First Light, Trails of Mist and numerous mixing and production duties have been conceived, performed and finalized.

Gear galore, in no particular order:

Pro Tools|HD-X, PT 11
Lynx Aurora 16
Avid D-Control ES, Surround Panner (“Icon”)
5.1 monitoring: Genelec 8040 x 3, 8030 x 2, Genelec 7070 Sub.
Avantone small stereo speakers
tc electronic M6000 w surround & stereo reverb and mastering options, LM6 metering
tc electronic FireWorX
Portico 5042 True Tape FX
Roland R-880
AMEK Channel in a Box pre (Designed by Rupert Neve)
API Lunchbox (GAP Pre, Millennia Pre, Radial JDX, VOG)
Tech 21 Bass Pre
Avid Eleven Rack w expansion
Roland FC-300
Roland V Synth
PPG Wave 2.2
Roland SH-201
Roland SPD-S
Roland EF-303
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Plus
Fender Highway 1 Telecaster
Squier Jazzmaster
Musicman Stingray
Yamaha LL-103 acoustic
PRS Acoustic
Heritage Les Paul
PRS Singlecut
Danelectro Baritone
Schecter Corsair
Mac Pro 12 core, Apple 23″ Display
Main Plug ins: Waves Platinum + 360 Surround Bundle, WNS, L3-16, Kramer Tape, CLA Compressors, SSL, SoundToys (All), McDSP Everything Pack, HEAT, Phoenix, Sonnox


Pro Tools | HD-X, PT 11
Lynx Aurora 16
Avid Omni I/O
3 x DynAudio BM6A, 2 x DynAudio BM5, Genelec 7070B Sub
Roland V-pads + live cymbals
Kumu “Sami Sarhamaa Custom”. 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″.
Mapex, Yamaha snares. Zildjian, Sabian cymbals, Buttkicker
Fazer Acoustic piano
Mac Pro 8 core
TLA Tube mixer
Neumann U89i x 2
Neumann KM 184 x 2
Sennheiser MD 421, 441
AKG, Shure, Röde, Audio Technica mics
Audient Mico pre
Assorted plug ins

NI Komplete 9, Albino 3, Omnisphere, Trillian, Arturia V Collection 3 (Mini-V, Modular, JP-8, ARP2600, Pro-V, Oberheim SEM etc), Reason (Pianos, Abbey Road, Fairlight XXL), Stylus RMX, Superior 2, Structure, Velvet…

Guitar stuff:
Cream Sound, Peavey Windsor, Fender Champ, Marshall 2 x 12″, Fender Hot Rod DLX. Mesa V-twin, H&K Leslie, Nick Nitro, MEK, DD-2, CS-3, Cry Baby, Big Muff Pi, LPB-1, ME-80

Older versions:

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