Basement Boys / Nameless

My first band, active 1977-1978.

L-R: Pete xx, Leo Andonov, Arto Rapo, Sami Sarhamaa, Tuomas Lyly
L-R: Sami Sarhamaa, Tuomas Lyly, Jukka Tikander, Leo Andonov, Jouni Ullakko

Members (at one time or another):

Leo Andonov: Vocals
Tuomas Lyly: Guitar
Jari Moberg: Drums
Ari Rapo: Guitar
Sami Sarhamaa: Guitar
(Cimar SB Strat, Hiwatt on a loaner. Later Laney Clip amp & 4 x 12 Cab)
Jukka Tikander: Guitar
Jouni Ullakko: Bass
Pete xxx: Bass

Your basic first band: lots of enthusiasm, some talent (Jukka and Jouni showed real promise early on), little skill. Played a few shows locally. Below You can find some juicy examples sure to make us gringe…;-)

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