1980-1982. Our school band in Kruununhaan Musiikkilukio, later Sibelius-lukio.


Leo Andonov: Bass, vocals
Veli-Sakari “Sika” Kukkonen: Drums
Otso “Raoul” Mannola: Guitar
Pauli Päiviö: Keyboards
Sami Sarhamaa: Guitar, vocals
Mikko Terhiä: Drums

My musical school in the music school, in this band I learned how to play guitar. We were expertly coached by Anssi Tikanmäki and later by Reijo Karvonen. My guitar teacher was Nono Söderberg. Sika, being a senior, played with us only for a short while. Mikko was the “real” drummer of the band. We were the crown princes to Krunikka Band, our “godfather” Juhi Merinen played bass in it. Juhi was from our ‘hood and had earlier played bass in Midway. He was to blame that I, together with Leo, applied for the Kruununhaan Musiikkilukio, later Sibelius-lukio (and to my suprise, got in). I think all in all music saved me by empowering me. From my varied musical activities I received the energy that got me through school. Not to mention that I met my future wife, who was in my class.
We played in varied happenings at school and outside, most memorable being:
• the Variations gig (Us + Seppo Kantonen (piano) and Mika Suihkonen (Cello))
• Anssi’s “Aamu Lakeuksilla” with our school orchestra.
• A private gig at Balder-sali
• “Do or die” at a school party, solo that lifted me 5 cm of the ground…
• Matine concert @ Tavastia-klubi, we played mine and Pauli’s first reasonably good songs Devil’s run & The sun still believes.
• Pakolaisäiti-project with a TV appearance and a recording session at Soundtrack Studios, helmed by Ian Churches.

We were privileged to play songs from Anssi’s “Maisemakuvia Suomesta” before it was released.

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