Samsara sings the blues. My newest solo alias. This is the singer-songwriter, me at my barest. Releases”Blacks & Blues” and “misplaced” can be found from iTunes here and Spotify here.

misplaced backstory:

Yes, the second SSTB release is done and released. It does seem that 3 years is a minimum for any of my projects. The compositional phase (2014-2016) was probably more or less simultaneous with the material of “Second Wind”, these songs were markedly different from the prog/metal genre of Liquid Wolf,  there being similarities of course. These, once again, found themselves in front of the positively critical ears and mind of Teijo Tikkanen some time during the summer of 2016. In one lengthy session we managed to go thru and weed basically all of the songs that later surfaced on the album. I might be repeating myself, but it always is a real hoot to work with the guy, he just finds the best ways to make these songs come alive.


Blacks & Blues backstory:

The journey has taken me back to the start. I’m singing again, after 30 years of silence. Strange, but fulfilling.
The songs kept piling up while I worked on other stuff. Some came out easily, some took more work, but it seemed important to keep doing them, this vocal stuff. By 2012 I had maybe 20 songs out of which 11 seemed to have what it takes. So I presented them to my partner in crime, Teijo Tikkanen. He nodded a few times, seemed to like the songs and announced that he would be playing drums on them. Well, ok, there went my plan of the ultimate power trio (sorry Kuoppis…). But what the heck, let’s have a power duo then!
The working title was “ Samsara sings the blues”, with tongue firmly in cheek. My tastes are quite varied but blues or jazz…no, sorry, I just can’t see the point. But actually, the songs are kind of…well, not blues but undoubtedly rock that knows it’s bluesy roots. As we say in finnish: “jäljet johtavat sylttytehtaalle”.
We straightened the songs into shape and convened at Perfect Sound Studio to record drums and guitars, it was the mid summer of 2013. And play and record we did, with Antwon taking care of the rec button. In two days we had basic tracks for 10 songs and one, “Futile”, that proved to be more difficult to tame. After some consideration I managed to whip “Futile” into form as well and honed all 11 into shape for the next part, the bass sessions in Nurmes. We decided to split the bass duties evenly, Teijo playing bass for 6 songs and me 5. Teijo played most of the keyboards and sung b voxes as well. For some of the songs I had a Dark Side of the Moon -choir vibe in mind (surprise!) so I asked Anu Wuori, Satu Wilkman and Riikka Muikku to be my choir of soul sisters. And they did!
Lastly I sang the songs by myself, and resung them and…You get the picture. Actually, it wasn’t that hard but since I hadn’t sung lead in quite a while, it took some time to get into the groove. I’m still bit undecided on the end result but on the other hand; who else would have sung these songs the way I wanted them to be sung?
So, we’re on the brink of summer 2014 and I’ve premixed the songs and waiting for Samu Wuori to polish them and then we’re off to….who knows where. See You there anyway!



The first release is basically done, some vocals need to be remade, but the mixing will start February 2014 anyway. Release either in May or August. All the playing and singing was done by yours truly and Teijo Tikkanen. Some soulful bvoxes were sung by three gorgeous ladies: Anu Wuori, Riikka Muikku and Satu Wilkman. Stay tuned!

SS, TT. SSTB session @ Nurmes, summer 2013.
SS, TT. SSTB session @ Nurmes, summer 2013.

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