1986. A thru and thru pop group after the art of Chapter One.


Jaakko Kiikeri: Guitar
Tomi Laaksonen: Drums
Jouni Ullakko: Bass, vocals, synths
Sami Sarhamaa: Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Pauli Päiviö: Keyboards


Esa Kauppinen: Drums
Jukka Tikander: Lead guitar

Released a few singles, played a few gigs (the most fun was the trip to Eno, where we played support to Eve and on the following day got an opportunity to play at Ilosaarirock in Joensuu, then really at Ilosaari). Jone was Jouni’s solo project, but he needed a band and “hired” us. Both singles’ A sides were old Chapter One songs with my finnish lyrics. Jouni has always had a good nose for pop hooks , this is the first pure example of it. This is the first band Jaakko and I played together in.

Esa and Jukka played on the first single as session musicians, Jukka did the solo for Askel Tyhjyyteen and Esa played drums as Tomi was still in the army. Tomi had grown as a drummer in leaps and bounds after the short stint in Chapter One and had a really good attitude and sound. Pale joined later as a live keyboardist, he also played music box (or a sound reminiscent of it) on Paha Uni.

Neither single did anything so we were dropped from Flamingo. Jouni’s short attention span got the better of him and we decided to go our separate ways.

Askel Tyhjyyteen
Paha Uni

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