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Sami Sarhamaa’s band from the 80’s

Chapter One: Two – looming

It’s been severely delayed but we’re still moving. As You may recall, the plan was to (re)do 4 of the old songs, Behind the gaze, Beyond the vision, Just another role and Wings of amor.

Well, we are – The original plan was just to do them as they were. It quickly became apparent that it was not such a good idea. Let sleeping dogs lie…,-).

The only plan that made real sense was to redo everything, starting from the arrangements. Sami did just that. The songs in effect became different songs. So the lyrics needed to be redone, not all together but some of the fiery youthfulness (i.e.. naiveté) needed to be weeded out. Sami and Hannu did that. As years had taken some toll of Hannu’s higher vocal register, the melodies needed to be adjusted. Hannu did that.

We’re now halfway there; Behind the gaze and Beyond the vision are done. So 2 more to go. Hopefully we get them done soon. As the songs progress, I wanted to change a few things still. The new songs will be under “Chapter Two” moniker ;-). And there will be some guests appearing who were not in the original line-up(s). The first one being Teijo Tikkanen, who will be playing piano on “Behind the gaze” at least. Some talk of female backing vocals has also been in the air.

So here we go!









Chapter One: Two

The second Chapter One -release is approaching fast. This is a MkII release, so Pekka Viherlaakso and Jouni Ullakko appear only on few tracks, they were replaced by Mikko Terhiä and Jyrki Rahkonen respectively. The song list appears to be:

Chapter One
Waiting for a moon
Sliding away
Another way

Just another role
Wings of amor
Beyond the vision
Behind the gaze

The last four were not properly recorded then, so we’ve made some plans to do them now. Nothing solid yet, but stay tuned…

This also means that the projected release date of mid August will need to be adjusted accordingly.

So far…

Hi there!
Here’s an update of current status (as of today):
– All menus I can think of are made, all have some info. Did I miss something relevant?
– Waiting for pictures of Red, Jone, Caramba (Got some from Jaakko and Tomi, great!). Hoping for pictures of PMF, Uima-allas & Epitaph/Sibbe, quite skeptic though. Audio from PMF would be a real treat.
– Music all transfered from analog & digital sources, roughly 16 hours.
– Mastered audio for Basement Boys/Nameless, Caramba, Leroy, Epitaph and Sibbe. Chapter One partly done. Spotify selections here & there
– Uploaded all Kataya making of videos (1 x Canto Obscura, 3 x Voyager, 1 x Tilburg). Will do excerpts from Liberte (release of Canto Obscura) and Belly (release of Voyager). Will upload KuDoS “From the Ground Up” and excerpts of Live @ Rekolan Kino. Found a video of Chapter One from Tavastia. Will include parts of it.

Next on the agenda: mastering Jone and Red. Plenty of material from both, not all so flattering…
More text where needed. Individual headers for the bands (see PS. Onni)
Will go public with this only when it’s quite done, let’s say 85%.