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It’s hard to believe

It’s over a year from my previous post. My apologies. Let’s see what has happened after “Two” was released…

Liquid Wolf:
We (as in my son Jarno and myself) came upon an idea to make a sort of a scifi-story of travelers thrown to the mercy of rogue AI (way before ChatGPT ;-)) during their travel to their new home planet somewhere in the cosmos. The story starts like this:

“Saso Kitanoski adjusted the sharpened slab of metal strapped to his thigh, tightening the harness that kept the cable spool on his back, and made his way forward in the quiet rumble and bioluminescent glow through the corridors of the engine block.  . 

The route that he took every month came to a larger crossroads, where two arching hallways intersected. With the quiet whir of the spool behind him whispering to a stop, he listened intently to the quiet hum, focusing his ears to their limit, trying to find something out of place. “

This story inspired me and Teijo to dream up a multidimensional LW project that would encompass the short story, music and visuals. While visiting Teijo @ Nurmes in October 2021 I made lyrics based on the story and we made some progress re music. This has been an ongoing project ever since. There’s over 60 minutes of music at various stages of readiness. None is finalised so this will take a while still.


While waiting for The Ark’s story to develop further, I noticed once again that a healthy pile of rock/pop oriented songs were waiting their completion. This time around Teijo was engaged in his funk project so I approached Aki SIhvonen (who mixed misplaced) with the demos and we weeded out and refined the selection to 16 songs. I prepared more polished versions of those during the spring/early summer 2022. Of those demos 12 songs were selected to be made with a plan to drop 2 songs after completion. So I would have 10 strong songs and a nice lenght for an album. Aki helped along the way and Teijo played quite a bit of keyboards. I took care of guitars, basses and basic keys plus of course lead and background vocals. Drums are handled by two very capable musicians, Sami Kuoppamäki and Miri Miettinen. Sami, who has been my go-to drummer for Liquid Wolf and some other projects, plays on 8 songs and Miri, our Lighthouse Sparrows stickman, plays on 4. My very capable assistant, Valtteri Tuominen, helped with recording and editing plus he also sang backing vocals. Ella Eriksson aka ellaella 🙂 put a cherry on top with her lovely voice on backing vocals. The album “Little Things” will be released in August 2023 ( I still don’t know which 2 songs I have to drop…).

Lighthouse Sparrows:

Olli made music for television dramaseries “The Invincibles” so all his creative juice was spent there for quite a while. We of course had some demo bits and pieces that we made during this time but new music was on hold until around February 2023. We then started to go thru the demos and make some new stuff. As of today we have 6-7 songs in decent shape. We’re planning to have a 4-5 song EP ready to be released some time in the fall.


Quite a bit of mixing done.
• Helsinki Syndrome (TV series, 8 episodes)
• The Invincibles (TV series, 8 episodes)
• Reindeer Mafia (TV series, 8 episodes)
• Dance Brothers (Netflix series, 10 episodes)
• Siblings (Feature)
• The Twin (Feature)
• What Remains (Feature)

TWO is out!

Yes, ’tis the season. This one has been in the making for a looooong time. First sessions were in 1984, the last ones 2021. So, it’s the second album of Chapter One, the important band of my youth. We were active from 1983 to 1985, did quite a few gigs and had a great time learning our skills. I decided to produce some songs of ours that didn’t get recorded back then. Hannu graciously agreed and we started in 2015. The project, after a good start, took a long pause. In 2019 it was time to continue. Besides Hannu also Jouni and Jukka participated and we managed to get four songs done. This would not have been possible without the priceless help of my “secret” ace in the hole, Teijo Tikkanen, who played drums and piano on the new songs. The last link in the chain was Riikka Muikku who designed and executed the beautiful artwork of the sleeve. We also gathered all the relevant info to a new website, aptly named chapterone.fi. So I hope You enjoy it!

Liquid Wolf resurrecting

Yes, after a prolonged hiatus (been busy on all other fronts…) I managed to round up the guys and we did a song called “Plight”. It’s out on this friday from all mojor streaming platforms. This time around Miri Miettinen sat on the drum stool, but otherwise the line-up is the same: Me on guitars, some keys, some basses and background vocals, Teijo on lead vocals and lead keys, Samu on bass, Pepa on wind instruments and Pekka on vibes. Hope You enjoy it!

No excuses

Yes, three years went by. The Inertia album “New Obstacles” was released in 2018, after that the band was in a bit of a turmoil as Tomi decided to explore other avenues and we looked for a new drummer. I think it was around jan/feb 2019 when we found him. Adam, our new drummer proved to be a right choice, he’s a heavy hitter with a groove!

Well, Adam was the right choice but otherwise Inertia was stuck in a bit of a rut. After a few of quite lengthy pauses I decided to call it quits. So no more Inertia, but those songs will surface eventually!

Another lengthy project, the second album of SSTB is mastered and waiting to be released in a few weeks. The album’s called “Misplaced” and it has nine songs. This is how I describe it in the back cover:
“Misplaced was conceived during writing and arranging sessions @ T-Sonics Studio  & Perfect Sound Studio in 2016-2017. Sami brought the songs and Teijo the insight and inspiration. After a bit of a hiatus, the parts were finalised and in 2019 the nine songs were delivered to Aki Sihvonen at Finnvox Studios for mixing. Aki proved to be the missing link in the chain delivering great mixes that opened up the songs. Mixes were done by January 2020. Then it was just a matter of some of Pauli Saastamoinens gold dust in mastering and the cake was done. Well baked!

What else? Lots of audio post, mainly mixing, some features, some documents, some series:
Baby Jane, Olen Suomalainen, Heinähattu & Vilttitossu ja Ärhäkkä koululainen, Aalto, Luontosinfonia, Bullets, Karppi season 2, Kalifornian Commando, Luonnonlaki, Bitter Love, Invisible Heroes, Typhoon Mama, Nti Aika, Beloved Daughter etcetc

One new project feels quite exciting; we made 5 songs under “Lighthouse Sparrows” moniker with my friend and colleague Olli Huhtanen. They’re modern prog (surprise!), the songs are composed and arranged, waiting for the recordings to start. We’ll see…

OK, ’til next time!

Chapter One: Two – looming

It’s been severely delayed but we’re still moving. As You may recall, the plan was to (re)do 4 of the old songs, Behind the gaze, Beyond the vision, Just another role and Wings of amor.

Well, we are – The original plan was just to do them as they were. It quickly became apparent that it was not such a good idea. Let sleeping dogs lie…,-).

The only plan that made real sense was to redo everything, starting from the arrangements. Sami did just that. The songs in effect became different songs. So the lyrics needed to be redone, not all together but some of the fiery youthfulness (i.e.. naiveté) needed to be weeded out. Sami and Hannu did that. As years had taken some toll of Hannu’s higher vocal register, the melodies needed to be adjusted. Hannu did that.

We’re now halfway there; Behind the gaze and Beyond the vision are done. So 2 more to go. Hopefully we get them done soon. As the songs progress, I wanted to change a few things still. The new songs will be under “Chapter Two” moniker ;-). And there will be some guests appearing who were not in the original line-up(s). The first one being Teijo Tikkanen, who will be playing piano on “Behind the gaze” at least. Some talk of female backing vocals has also been in the air.

So here we go!









My 2013, pt1

It was, as they’ve tended to be over the last few years, quite a mixed year. What did I do?

It began with a January full of Franck Media documentaries, Aurinkomatkat, Nanso, Tapiola, Unicef & Onninen were in the agenda. Your basic bread and butter audio post. Some Brink Helsinki and Fullmoon stuff in between. So all in all, January was a work month. My “Samsara sings the blues” -project, which had begun a few months back was also gaining momentum. I had selected the older songs that I wanted to make and started making tweaks to melodies, structures and lyrics.

February? My friend and colleague Anttoni was getting itchy at his b-to-b work and wanted to get back into post so we started to pow wow and see if we could do some things together. My badminton fever was at it’s height so there was a practice at least twice a week. Musiikkitalo documentary was mixed with Juha Hakanen and some Franck Media stuff also. Brink Helsinki’s KoneCranes films were starting to come into post (Guys made three films of KoneCrane’s different products). Jykä’s Walo project was also coming together at last, it having been in production for the last 5 years ;-). I had mixed all of the songs properly for the first time and we (the band: Jykä, myself, Speedy Saarinen and Topi Kurki) sat down and listened to it. Some remarks were made with some additional work looming ahead, Speedy and I decided to wrap it up together….SSTB songs all coming together, made “Start Walking”, the last song of the bunch.

March, still more work for Brink (KC Agilon, Koff), some conversions of Nightwish movie as it was made in Canada with their frame rate of 23.398. I mixed a shorter version of “Kuningas Litmanen” for Dutch tv and began the final stretch for the long suffering movie about Kalervo Palsa with Jykä and director Pekka Lehto. Teijo’s Alpha Indigo had had a somewhat traumatic experience trying to record their debut album by themselves, so I offered to help. I packed my pre’s and a selection of mics, Fireface, Orion32 and MacBookPro with Pro Tools and headed for Nurmes. We made the backing tracks for 19 songs in 2 days on 22/23 March. We also went through the 11 potential songs for SSTB and did ac gtr/el pno/voc demos of them. Teijo seemed to like them, so I was encouraged to continue. The original plan of me, Teijo and Sami Kuoppamäki got turned into a duo of me and Teijo. T drumming and keying, me guitaring and vocaling and we bassing…

April – More badminton, now 2-4 times a week. Some renovation at MusicWorks, Leri Leskinen’s studio (cabling, Pro Tools updates, plug ins) and Post Control’s small theater (adjustment of their 5.1 surround system). We started the final tweaks of Walo with Speedy @ PStudio. Blå Band, Benecol, Finnkino (tv & theater posts of the ad for their new Kuopio multiplex) for Brink. Sam Marsala: Trails of Mist released, a very satisfying ambient CD project came to a conclusion. Teijo and Riikka came for the last weekend, we did the vocals of the aforementioned 19 songs….(Teijo had some throat issues and needed to open up his voice singing the same song for at least 30 times…). Practised SSTB songs for the coming sessions, all pieces falling into their rightful places….

May – My birthday came and went, the less fuss the better. Mixed the Kalervo Palsa & Kuriton Käsi movie, which turned out quite nice. Started rehearsing for Walo’s record release with the band. Moomin documentary for Franck Media, Nina Pulkkis directing. Mixed the teaser for the upcoming Teemu Selänne documentary. As luck would have it, PStudio got some new blood equipment-wise. The MacPro with PCI-e slots would be discontinued, so I made arrangements with SLSX’s Ossi Männikkö and purchased 12 Core MacPro with 28 gigs of RAM and 3 Tb’s hard disk space. And while at it, I also upgraded the other Pro Tools|HD system to HD-X as well, added an Omni interface,  Artist -controller and a Genelec 7070B sub to pieni, bought Genelec 8040’s LCR to iso, moved the DynAudio’s to pieni and turned the whole setup around. I got the pieni arranged so that I could have both acoustic (with an added 16″ tom) and electronic drum sets, piano and a fully functioning 5.1 post setup all functional at the same time. I also made with my trusted technician Kari Chydenius a wall of guitar amps where I could use any speaker with any cabinet via a special patchbay. And of course practised and refined the SSTB material and made a few things for Brink.

SSTB, Alphas. Session # X

We convened once again with Teijo for a few days of music & mayhem. We (hopefully) finalized the Alpha Indigo CD mixes, Teijo had fixed some guitar and vocal parts and the band had made some notes. 13 songs in the can, whoa!

On the second day the plan was to go through the SSTB songs and do backing vocals etc. We managed to go through 8 songs doing keys, acoustic guitars, percussion and backing vocals…So 3 songs were left for the next time. It should be about a month from now, then we’re planning to master the Alpha Indigo CD and go through the rest of the SSTB songs, probably doing some vocals as well…

Good going!

Teijo, ready to roll
Teijo, ready to roll